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Salt Licks

2010 to 2018

Winner of:

  • – LICC (London International Creatives Competition) for Best Installation, 2013
  • A two storey canvas of salt, facing the North Sea and designed to weather away over time revealing the marks left by the sun, rain and wind-blown sand. The installation was intended to form a corollary of the eroding coastline and a vital link to the sea to which the salt returns, in so doing making reference to the immutable nature of salt which (irrespective of any process it is subjected to) reforms always in its natural cubic-crystalline form.

Walls were to be formed of two skins of salt blocks with a white concrete core for stability which, when the salt had eroded, would leave an inverse impression (or memory) of the blocks that used to be there. This waffle structure would itself gather wind-blown sand, and be taken over by sand dune plants and nesting birds to create a secondary life-cycle and onward ecology of its own.

Facebook page: facebook.com/SaltLicksLincolnshire


Phillip Hall-Patch – Salt Licks from Stephenson / Bishop on Vimeo.

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