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Salt Field No.3, 2016

Salt blocks (99% sodium chloride)

Dimensions: 3m x 3m

Elements (Salt Field No.3) – the inaugural opening exhibition for the Elements Gallery at LUBOMIROV / ANGUS-HUGHES, curated by Rebecca Feiner.

Within the courtyard space of London’s first art space dedicated to outside art, Salt Field No.3 is designed to interact with the elements.

This site specific installation responds to the geometry of the space with a gradation of salt blocks, reducing in density, and creating a visual response to notions of entropy and decay. The salt blocks echo this materially as they begin to dissolve and collapse.

The installation develops an ongoing interest in the setting-up of visual systems from which artistic control is ceded, allowing chance and indeterminacy to create forms in a constant state of flux. Attention is thereby drawn to the nature of material flows and transformations over time.


Art Art
Sculpture Sculpture
Indeterminacy Indeterminacy
Time Time
Decay Decay
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