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Brompton Academy

Completed 2013

With Nicholas Hare Architects

Forming part of Medway County Council’s (Building Schools for the Future) BSF programme, Brompton Academy provided a unique brief combined with challenging site constraints in a Conservation context.

Extensive dialogue allowed a bespoke pedagogic model to be interpreted into a physical diagram; Transition mini-schools providing a baseline eduction from which to progress to ‘specialist’ schools in Science, Art and Humanities.

The final design reflected the specific pedagogy developed by the school with different mini-school typologies and physical classroom structures wrapped around a central unifying courtyard space. The C-shaped plan presents an urban frontage to the town of Gillingham with a curved and elevated LearningResource Centre (or Library) as a beacon and invitation to knowledge and learning as a Community Resource. Within, the courtyard both connects the various min-schools and provides a long-distance view of the WW1 Chatham Naval Memorial across the Great Lines Heritage Park.

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