Born in Iran in 1971, Phillip Hall-Patch is a contemporary artist of mixed heritage and ethnicity, working at the boundaries of art and architecture.

He graduated from the Diploma in Architecture at The Bartlett (UCL) in 1997, and has worked for a number of high profile, design-led and award winning studios, most recently with Thomas Heatherwick where he is currently Head of Technical Design.

As well as an artist and practicing architect, Phillip is also an educator leading an undergraduate unit, Studio 15, at the School of Architecture & Design, University of Brighton.

His arts practice gained recognition following the public art commission for ‘Salt Licks’ (won in open competition); a two-storey canvas of salt that sits on the beach facing the North Sea and intended to leave the marks of the sun, rain and wind-blown sand on its continually eroding surface. Further information can be found at the dedicated website:

An early career researcher, he was awarded a Masters in Arts and Cultural Research (MRes) in 2018, with an arts-led inquiry into the possibility of a hybrid practice of “Photography With Sculpture”.

Lightbulb – Phillip Hall-Patch from Stephenson / Bishop on Vimeo.