Phillip Hall-Patch is a conceptual artist and architect, investigating the tensions between transience and stability through ephemeral and time-based works.

Working with materials and materiality, his is an embodied and phenomenological practice using making as a way to re-engage the senses, reconnect with the environment and strengthen our connection to place. It is a practice exploring the erotic and aroused; engaged and alive to the world. A practice of touch, of change, of time-based sculptures and land-based work.

An affinity exists with the concerns of both Minimalist and Conceptual Art, but modulated by notions of material, memory and time. The unknown plays its part with work that questions, and begins to address, existential concerns through material decay.

Indeterminacy and chance are key themes/ methods in this process which often find expression through the setting-up of a system from which the artist cedes control.

Lightbulb – Phillip Hall-Patch from Stephenson / Bishop on Vimeo.